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The Bold Ocean Family of companies:

In 2018, a group of leading companies in US Flag shipping, fleet technical management, and marine personnel were consolidated under one parent company, Bold Ocean.  Bold Ocean’s singular mission is to be the leading company in the US Flag space – focusing on Jones Act tonnage, the US Cargo Preference Market, and the Maritime Security Program

Bold Ocean is committed to servicing complex shipping needs for partners around the world, and our family of companies are the best in the industry.  The Bold Ocean family of companies includes:

Schuyler Services LLC manages and operates stevedoring services to load/unload vessels and offers associated freight handling services with the transport of cargo in U.S. and overseas ports.

Schuyler Technical LLC supports U.S. Flag vessels by providing the complete spectrum of services that keep the vessels operating safely, efficiently, and in accordance with U.S. and international regulations. 

Chesapeake Crewing, LLC is a SBA small business that provides marine personnel and vessel management services to commercial operators of U.S. Flag vessels.

Argent Marine Operations, Inc

Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) operates commercial US Flag and Foreign Flag vessels worldwide, providing a variety of liner shipping services and logistics services in the North, Central and South American markets, West African markets and Caribbean markets including Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Colombia, Haiti, Denmark, and Thule.


  • SAFETY – Bold Ocean seeks to ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance.
  • PUBLIC SERVICE – Bold Ocean’s US Flag operations support and value the role that the US Merchant Marine will continue to play in responding to national deference, natural disasters, and similar emergencies.
  • GROWTH – Bold Ocean takes a high growth approach to the mature business in which it operates. Bold Ocean is always open to new ideas, can adapt quickly to new ways of operating and learn from its mistakes.
  • EXCELLENCE – Employees at Bold Ocean take pride in what they do, work hard in doing so, and always strive to be the best at what we do. We believe in continuous improvement and success by following our clients, listening to their requirements, and tailoring our business to provide a superior service for them.
  • INTEGRITY – Bold Ocean believes in operating with integrity, kindness, and ethical behavior at all times; being honest and transparent with our customers, vendors, and employees, all of whom we depend upon for our success; and in demonstrating loyalty to and respect for everyone we encounter.

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